Understanding Antivirus and Antispyware

Antivirus Software is a computer program designed to eliminate computer viruses and other malware. Nowadays, antivirus scan programs have the ability to neutralize all kinds of threats including worms, Trojan horses, etc and serve as a catalyst in virus and spyware removal.

Antivirus software programs that are commonly available in market are Norton, McAfee, and SOPHOS. Among all, Norton continues to be the bestselling antivirus program, and has proved its mettle in detecting viruses.

Likewise, there are super antispyware software programs. They are used solely for detection and removal of spyware. These software programs follow different techniques to complete their task. They either scan files to identify known viruses matching definitions in their virus dictionary or track suspicious behavior shown by files and programs stored in computer. For examples: A program trying to write data to an executable program can create doubt. However, such a diagnosis generally covers data captures, port monitoring, and other tricks.

Always install such an anti-spyware program that works effectively with your operating system. Its main advantage lies in its efficiency to provide high quality protection against complex spyware attacks. Most of these programs offer complete security by scanning not only e-mails, but also all traffic generating from diskettes, USB sticks, and Internet.

There are specific antivirus programs that the user can easily install. Also, they are available for free on the Internet. But it is always recommended to buy a software package as it will have additional features for an efficient PC protection.

Some antispyware software can reduce your PC’s performance to a large extent. You may disable the antivirus protection to avert performance loss but it will increase the risk of infection. If you are unsure of which Antispyware program to buy, you can consult with technicians offering computer support online. Apart from providing the best advice, they can install the most suitable Antispyware in no time.

Many companies offer services like installation and timely up gradation of antivirus software program, troubleshooting PC errors, email support services, support for all operating systemsFeature Articles, and other related benefits as a part of their computer support package.

By Joseph Jhon, a technical expert and virus remover.

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